Gengahr – Where Wildness Grows

Am Freitag erscheint das jüngste Album der britischen Indie-Band GENGAHR. Bassist HUGH SCHULTE selbst hat die Cover-Artworks von Where Wildness Grows und seinen begleitenden Singles gemalt. Zur Bedeutung des Konzepts hat er ein paar Takte für uns notiert…

To accompany our album, I created a series of paintings. After a conversation with Felix (Bushe, Co-Bandmember, Anm. d. Red.) about the lyrical content we agreed on on a theme based around nature. I wanted each piece to represent a different element or texture – rock, foliage or water for example. These different works correspond to each of the singles and the LP cover. The process of the painting was important me. I tried to create a  feeling of spontaneity by building up the brush strokes from background to foreground. This process hopefully allows the viewer to see, in the developing of the image, a parallel to the unfolding of a musical performance. This way of working is particularly apparent on the image chosen for the LP cover.

Where Wildness Grows
(Transgressive / PIAS Cooperative)
VÖ: 09.03.2018