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  120 DAYS - 120 Days II
120 DAYS - 120 Days II
08.03.2012 von fr

Track-By-Track zum vierten Album der norwegischen Indie-Band...

Dieser Tage erscheint die vierte Platte von 120 DAYS. Hier sind exklusive Kommentare der Band zu den sieben Stücken von 120 Days II – im Original und gänzlich ungebügelt...


The most rock-oriented song on the album. Slow building feedback screams into distorted downtempo electro. I guess this song is the one that's closest to the sound of the first album. It's our way of saying, "hey, remember us? Now let's take it a step further."


10 minutes of spaced-out disco. Destilled in Lindstrom's laboratory for extra bubbles and bongo breaks.


A three-part journey that starts in Ambient-land, dances through a light pop song and ends in noised out disco. Text is about experiences with lucid dreaming, taking what you can't get.


An introverted affair which I think is best enjoyed alone, late nights, with too much time for reflection.


Pop song! This one started as a loose live jam. First tried at Oslo's "Sunkissed Club Night" many years ago. It has been completely changed and improved several times, and the only thing that's left from the original live version is the name. Can be listened to for an uplifting effect at any time.


Paranoia, isao tomita, bad trip on the dancefloor. Nauseating beats. The ending resembling happiness one finds after vomiting. You're going to be fine.


Ending the journey with dirty tribal beats, inspired by late, cold nights in the Oslo winter, when people crawl together in groups to keep warm.

120 DAYS
120 Days II
VÖ: 09.03.2012

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