Aisha Badru – Transcendence

Heute erscheint die neue EP der Neo-Soul-Singer-Songwriterin AISHA BADRU. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat die gebürtige New Yorkerin die fünf Tracks von Transcendence kommentiert …


This song is about the deterioration of the „American Dream“ that has left many questioning the purpose and meaning of their lives. In a time where young people are depressed, in debt, and confused about their value in society, I find these topics inspiring to sing about. I’ve spent some time traveling to places like South America and India and I ran into a lot of young Americans and Europeans that were on a backpacking trips to find themselves. I myself was too. I had these people in mind while writing this song.


„Forest Green“ is a dive into my personal journey. From growing up in a poor community in New York and feeling unseen, to living the life of my dreams where my voice is heard and my needs are fulfilled. This song is for anyone who has ever been planted somewhere that doesn’t have ideal growing conditions. What kept me going was my belief that there is something greater out there.


We’re often taught that relationships are contracts that are meant to last forever and if they don’t, then we’ve failed or we’re just not lovable. This has created a culture where we stay in toxic or stagnant relationships and fear letting go. ‘Water’ is a message to embrace the fact that we are all fluid beings, constantly shifting and uncovering who we are. Some relationships will last through the changes and that’s great, but others will drift away and that’s ok. Learning to let go with grace while trusting that things will work out in your favor will save lots of heartache and self-loathing.


This one highlights the bond between two souls that transcends space and time.


The last song is about the interconnectedness between all things and all people. I believe the suffering that we see in the world and the destruction that we see in the environment is due to our not living in accordance with this truth. More and more my music is beginning to reflect the more pressing matters of the times that we live in. These are conversations we often don’t have.

(Nettwerk / ADA Warner)
VÖ: 07.02.2020