Boomer – Skice

Heute erscheint die Debüt-EP der Shoegazing-Combo ROOMER. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat die Band aus Berlin die vier Tracks von Skice kommentiert …


This song is the first track of the EP and at the same time also the starting point of our band. Before Roomer even existed, we went on this artist residency and just mindlessly recorded some ideas. In the evenings we would drive around with the car, looking for a place to swim, and listening to what we had done in the day. This song somehow ended up in a loop and we were quite euphoric about it, glazed by the sun; and the thought of actually making this a band naturally came.

“Ripples of gold, I’m leaking”


“I wear silence as my crown
Circles surround me as I fall”

Put on your shoes, leave the house, take a train, walk through a dense forest–looking up, eyes pinched … or don’t and just watch the video!


Imagine how much equipment can fit in an ancient Golf Kombi. Not that much! So, we had to bring the smallest amps, a tiny drum kit, our teddy bears and an iPhones as a microphone. Somehow it all worked out and this is the result!

P.S.: Fuck the police! And especially that one police officer who this song is all about.

“You are much too sticky
Drink your warm coke
And leave her alone,


This one went through many iterations. For the longest time it was in a whole other version until we decided to record everything again. This time with a Bavarian chord zither as the main instrument–it turned out more ethereal than the rest and shows that secretly we’re all hopeless romantics. We hope you like it!

to climb
and to fall”

(Fun In The Church/Bertus/Zebralution/Republic Of Music)
VÖ: 02.09.2022

Roomer auf Bandcamp (Fun In The Church)