Diet Cig – Do You Wonder About Me?

Am kommenden Freitag veröffentlicht die Indiepop-Combo DIET CIG ihr zweites Album – verpackt in ein wunderschönes, zartes Artwork. Exklusiv für Popmonitor erzählt die Künstlerin DESSY BAEVA hier, wie es zur Zusammenarbeit kam und welche Ideen hinter dem Kunstwerk stehen:

Diet Cig came out of the blue and asked me to create their album art. Alex had seen my work on Instagram and said she was obsessed with the colours I was using and the female characters I was drawing. They are so energetic as a band and all of their songs have strong narrative, so I jumped in and said yes straight away. I was provided a ton of lyrics and we knew we wanted to create something around sleep walking, being many versions of yourself and most of all something vibrant and beautiful that reflected their music. The band gave me complete creative freedom and knowing they trusted my abilities made the process really smooth. I came up with two ideas and we ended up using both: one for the actual cover and one for the poster that goes inside the LP. I wanted to represents the female boldness, the boldness that sometimes is just a whisper and other times a warrior scream. That’s basically Alex. Really confident and open with her lyrics and performance, but also incredibly sweet and gentle. Dream project.

Sängerin ALEX LUCIANO ergänzt:

Working with Dessy was so amazing! I found her work on instagram and was so inspired by all the colors and shapes and characters she incorporated. I felt like the colors of her art really aligned with what I perceived the colors of the album to sound like. Lots of rich, bold hues, a big departure from the pastel motifs of our past record cycle. I had sent her some of the themes of the record and the lyrics, really zeroing in on the feelings of rebirth, different versions of yourself, sleepwalking, and color. It was really awesome to see what Dessy came up with, her immediate sketches were so spot-on and I knew off the bat that we had gone in the right direction. Once we had the composition nailed down, I really wanted to make sure the color was exactly correct and matched what I saw in my head when I listened to the album. We went back and forth on a bunch of colorways, Dessy was so patient and responsive as we emailed back and forth, always coming back with something better and better. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect final product, we trusted Dessy to go with her artistic gut and she totally nailed it! It was probably the most pleasant and organic artistic commission we’ve ever done, which is really impressive because there was a lot of pressure on this to be exactly what we wanted. Every other visual in our album cycle is built off the color story and style of this cover, and I get so viscerally excited when I see everything! Such a dream collab.

Do You Wonder About Me?
(Frenchkiss / The Orchard)
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