Lullanas – Before Everything Got Real

Heute erscheint mit Before Everything Got Real die Debüt-EP von ATISHA und NISHITA LULLA alias LULLANAS. Exklusiv für Popmonitor sprechen die Zwillingsschwestern hier über die fünf Tracks …


When writing this one, we had the first chorus written before anything else. We let months pass by and would sing it countless times. We were stuck with just those lines, but loved it so much, that we didn’t put pressure on ourselves to finish it. We knew it would just come to us one day. This was one of those situations where we didn’t even know the meaning until the song was fully written. There was a sort of light-hearted heaviness to it. It ended up giving off the feeling of letting something or someone go. It’s about a person who has grown distant over time. They will always be important to you, they may remain important to you, and though they are physically there for you… mentally they have been somewhere else. It’s like talking to a wall or lying next to someone you no longer have a connection with. They might as well be all the way across the country because all the feelings, good and bad, have disappeared.


One fall morning, when the sun was at that weird point in the sky shining through the window creating a rainbow… Highway Honey was born. It’s about that person who is always there for you no matter what! Your ride or die! That person who can push through the walls you spent so many years putting up. You reach a point where you can truly be yourself around someone. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when it does, it’s GOLDEN.


Not gonna lie…the writing for this one started off in a bar… it’s about old feelings rushing back after running into someone you haven’t thought about in a while. You thought you were over them, but in that moment, you forget why things ever ended.


Growing up, our family took many road trips in our grey minivan… The music we heard on those long drives is what inspired our sound today. This song is a story that should take listeners back to a more carefree time in their life (“Before Everything Got Real”). We pulled our EP title from this song because it took us back to our roots and grew from there.


This song is one of our happy-sad songs. It sounds happy, but it’s actually kind of sad.  It’s about a person who lives the same day over and over again in a situation that isn’t healthy for them. You stay because it’s what you are used to and change is hard. In the end, they realize this really hasn’t been anything or this hasn’t meant anything for a while and they come to terms with walking away. Coming to that realization is a big step in itself.

Before Everything Got Real
VÖ: 24.04.20

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