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Da wäre uns in der Heimeligkeit der Vorweihnachtszeit doch fast eine höchst spannende Angelegenheit entgangen. So veröffentlichte ERIKA M. ANDERSON alias EMA Mitte Dezember ihren so feingliedrigen wie eindringlichen Score zum Film #Horror. Die 19 Tracks entstanden gemeinsam mit Andersons langjährigem musikalischen Begleiter LEIF SHACKELFORD und Regisseurin TARA SUBKOFF. Anderson:

We worked really closely with Tara Subkoff on the music. She definitely always had an opinion on what she liked and what she didn’t. It was my first score, so I’m not sure if all composers end up spending weeks in a room with the director, but that’s how we did it. Leif and I kind of ended up dividing the work, with him doing all the string parts and me writing the main themes.  We were going for something modern that also recalled classic horror genre music. I love the eeriness of the vocal synth samples and I think it gives the score a very uncanny vibe that matches the themes of the film.

Mit dem ätherischen „Amnesia Haze“ ist auch ein einzelner Song mit Vocals auf dem rein digital erschienenen Soundtrack zu finden. Anderson:

We were looking for a track to fit in a scene for #HORROR where Chloe’s character opens up her closet for all the girls to play dress up. Severiano had this instrument and I fell in love with it and wrote the top line. Although it has a very „pretty“ ethereal pop sound to it, I think of the lyrics as almost a eulogy. Kind of my 21st century version of ‚Sweet Child of Mine‘. Although of course my guitar solo is not quite Slash-worthy. For the video we wanted something expansive, pristine and vast. I feel like these landscapes represent the distance of memory and some sort of unbreakable bond.

Bereits im vorvergangenen Sommer trafen wir Anderson und Shackelford zum Interview in Amsterdam. Das dabei entstandene ausführliche Track-By-Track zum nach wie vor aktuellen Album The Future’s Void findet man hier.

(City Slang)
VÖ: 11.12.2015

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