HUGO RACE & FRIENDS live | Sonntag 30.11.14 | Roter Salon (Volksbühne)

Der legendäre australische Musiker (u.a. Gründungsmitglied von Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds) zusammen mit Special Guests (u.a. Andrea Schroeder und Miss Kenichi) live in Berlin.

w/ Special Guests:
Andrea Schroeder
Miss Kenichi

Roter Salon
(Berlin-Mitte, Volksbühne, U-Bhf. Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz)


Der legendäre australische Musiker HUGO RACE (Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds, The Wreckery, The Fatalists, Dirtmusic, Sepiatone) zusammen mit Special Guests (Andrea Schroeder, Catherine Graindorge, Jesper Lehmkuhl, Miss Kenichi und Marta Collica) live in Berlin.

Als Gründungsmitglied bei Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, später Gitarrist bei The Wreckery und bis heute Songwriter und Gitarrist bei The True Spirit bewegte sich HUGO RACE mit seinem Sound stets auf einem Pfad zwischen Psych, Blues und Post-Punk.

Der in Melbourne großgewordene und über die Jahre zwischen den USA, Deutschland und Frankreich pendelnde Musiker, der bis heute nicht müde wird vom Touren, arbeitete im Laufe seiner Kariere mit Musikern wie Blixa Bargeld und Alexander Hacke (beide Einstürzende Neubauten), Rainer Lingk und Thomas Wydler (beide Die Haut) sowie eben auch jenem Nick Cave, den er bereits aus den Anfängen in Australien kannte.

Als wäre dies nicht genug der Referenz, gründete Race 2007 außerdem Dirtmusic (live in Berlin am 17.12.2014 @ Badehaus Szimpla), einem sich der düstereren Seite des Folk verschriebenen Trios mit Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) und Chris Brokaw (Codeine). Auch Solo mangelt es dem Multiinstrumentalisten nicht an Inspiration, so dass man ihn gerne zwischen verschiedenen, sowohl akustischen wie digitalen Elementen pendeln sieht.

HUGO RACE is a prolific and visionary performer, musician, writer and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Hugo defies any easy label and has staked out a creative territory totally his own between rock, experimental and psychedelia. He also writes screenplays and non-fiction.

First introduced to the international stage as a founding member of Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds (he appears on the debut, “From Her to Eternity”, and features on several other Bad Seed’s cds and various compilations), Hugo then founded the seminal Australian art-punk cult band The Wreckery (1985), released through the White/Hot, Rampant, Citadel and Normal labels. A Wreckery compilation, ”Past Imperfect”, was released in 2008 through Memorandum/Fuse Records, (Sydney ) and a national reunion tour followed.

In early 1989 Hugo moved base to Berlin, and Normal Records (Germany) released his debut solo album “Rue Morgue Blues” as the Wall fell, a fact reflected in Hugo’s frequently politically-inspired lyrics. So began two decades based in Europe and the production of 13 Hugo Race & True Spirit albums, the latest of which “53rd State” was released in Australia (Spooky Records) and Europe (Glitterhouse Records) in 2008 to rave reviews.

Some of Hugo’s other music projects include:

Hugo Race Fatalists, in collaboration with Italian soundscape band Sacri Cuori, their new 5 track EP (‚Orphans‘, release date March 7, 2014) available on Hugo’s homepage or at iTunes:

Dirtmusic, with American songwriter and producer Chris Eckman. Their fourth album Lion City, recorded in Mali in 2012, was released on Glitterbeat, March 26, 2014. Dirtmusic – Chris Eckman and Hugo Race – will be touring Europe, December 10-21 (Berlin show: 17.12.14 at Badehaus Szimpla), joined by Malian master musicians Baba Sissoko and Moussa Coulibaly;

Sepiatone, with Italian singer songwriter Marta Collica, their third album „Echoes On“ released by Interbang Records (Italy) in November 2013.

Long Distance Operators (LDO), a new project with Belgian artist Catherine Graindorge, premiered at the Botanique, Brussels, May 16th 2014. Album release in 2015

No But Its True, an acoustic album of cover versions recorded in Sicily for Viceversa Records and produced by Italian songwriter and producer Cesare Basile.

The True Spirit – since 1989, 14 albums of trance industrial blues, the last release recorded in a maximum security penitentiary in Poland, Live in Wolow Jail 2009. Hugo and the Spirit have finished a new album tentatively entitled THE SPIRIT and set for a release in June2015 on Glitterhouse Records

Other collaborations include Malian desert blues legend Samba Toure’s album Albala, the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, Transfargo with Swiss artist Dimitri de Perrot, Lilium with Pascal Humbert, the English psyche-folk artist Pantaleimon, the Brazilian Moses Complex, the Berlin-based Rogall’s Electric Circus Sideshow, SWOS, the Sicilian band Black Eyed Dog…. and more…

November Tour 2014

09/11 Milano – 75Beat
10/11 Cantù (Como) – 1e35
11/11 Rimini – Neon
12/11 Faenza – Clandestino
13/11 Città della Pieve (Perugia) – Santapicchio
14/11 San Ginesio (Macerata) – Teatro Leopardi
15/11 Settignano (Firenze) – Casa Del Popolo
16/11 Vittorio Veneto (Venezia) – Spazio Mavv
18/11 Oslo – Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum
19/11 Oslo – Mir (with Mark Steiner)
21/11 Lowicz – Klub Pracownia (Tipes Topes Festival)
22/11 Opole – Sala Kameralna PSM (Opole Festival)
23/11 Katowice – Prokultura (Ars Cameralis Festival)
24/11 Zywiec – DeKaffe
25/11 Kraków – Alchemia
27/11 London – Bar & CO Temple Pier (with Cypress Grove)
30/11 Berlin – Roter Salon with Special Guests Andrea Schroeder, Marta Collica and more…

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