La Force (of Broken Social Scene) + Guests: Amour Fou | Dienstag 26.02. | Kantine am Berghain

Dienstag 26.02.2019
+ Special Guests:

Einlass: 20.00 Uhr
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(12€ zzgl. Gebühren)
Abendkasse: 15 Euro

Kantine am Berghain
(Berlin-Friedrichshain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof, S-Bhf. Ostbahnhof)

Ariel Engle ist das neueste Mitglied des kanadischen Indie-Kollektivs BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE. Mit ihrem eigenen Indiepop/Electronica-Projekt LA FORCE kommt sie im Februar/März 2019 auf Europatour und macht im Rahmen ihres einzigen Deutschlandkonzerts in Berlin in der Kantine am Berghain Station.

Auf Broken Social Scenes aktuellem Album „Hug Of Thunder“ glänzt Ariel in den Songs „Stay Happy“ und „Gonna Get Better“ als Leadsängerin, ganz in der Tradition von BSS-Mitglieden wie Leslie Feist, Emily Haines (Metric) oder Amy Millan (Stars).

Die erste La Force-Single „You Amaze Me“ entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Warren Spicer (Plants & Animals) und featuret Mitglieder von Suuns, Patrick Watson und Broken Social Scene.
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LA FORCE is Ariel Engle, vocalist and newest member of Broken Social Scene. The music of La Force is nocturnal electronic pop, featuring Engle’s enchanting vocals over dynamic production.

Her presence resounds throughout Broken Social Scene’s 2017 album, „Hug Of Thunder“, lending fluid, commanding lead vocals to the oblique anthem „Stay Happy“ and the so aring „Gonna Get Better“, leaving an indelible mark on the collective’s rousing performances. Stepping up to the role first helmed by the immeasurable talents Leslie Feist, Emily Haines (of Metric), and Amy Millan (of Stars), Engle brings La Force’s singul arity to the familial energy of Broken Social Scene.

Born out of the culmination of AroarA – her musical project with husband and Broken Social Scene bandmate Andrew Whiteman – La Force is a deep reflection on the magic and dismantlement of motherhood; the never-ending tightrope walk of life, and death; and the re-discovery of self.

First single „You Amaze Me“ layers seductive melodies over restrained electronics. A love song to Whiteman, „You Amaze Me“ defines the tender but powerful essence of La Force. Shaped with Warren Spicer of Plants & Animals, and featuring members of Suuns, Patrick Watson, and Broken Social Scene, „You Amaze Me“ crystallizes the reverent, spiritual tone of Engle’s musical being. Borrowing its identity from the tarot card representing Strength, La Force captures the bold creative spirit of an undeniable voice.
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AMOUR FOU is the dreamy sound creation of singer/songwriter Lisa from the alternative noise-pop band This Love Is Deadly. The songs are a collection of dreams, desires, fears… cosmic sparks that let her speak the things she cannot express otherwise.

Accompanied by Lucy on drums and Louis on bass, the trio creates an intimate space in which musical reflections take shape in a fragile and raw conversation with the listener.

They are currently working on their debut album, which will be released in the first half of 2019.