La Sécurité (CAN) + Special Guests: Lemongrab | 29.04.24 | Kulturhaus Insel Berlin

Montag 29.04.2024
+ Special Guests:

Einlass: 19.00 Uhr
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
Koka36 (Online-Tickets)
Abendkasse: 16,00 Euro

Kulturhaus Insel Berlin
(Alt-Treptow 6, 12345 Berlin, S-Bhf. Treptower Park + S-Bhf. Plänterwald)

LA SÉCURITÉ (Montréal/Tiohtià:ke) is a collective whose art punk is equal parts: jumpy beats, off-kilter arrangements, and minimalistic melodic hooks. After years of writing earworms for the pleasure of beautiful weirdos, all the while strutting their style on tour with their many different projects (Choses Sauvages, Laurence-Anne, Silver Dapple, etc.), the motley bunch now meanders the fringes of punk, new wave and krautrock.

Since coming together, the five-piece has been invited to perform at Reeperbahn, SXSW, Sled Island and FME, also sharing the stage with the likes of Automatic, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp and Annie-Claude Deschênes (Duchess Says).

The band recently offered „Stay Safe!“ (June 16th, 2023 via Mothland), a first full-length that is manic, yet surprisingly laid-back, and should no doubt strike a chord with fans of Le Tigre, Automatic, Wet Leg, Devo, E.S.G. or The B-52’s.

LEMONGRAB was formed during a Montréal snowstorm in 2018 by original members Léonie Dishaw, Gaëlle Cordeau and Marilou Turgon who felt an absence of honesty and passion in their scene. They decided to fill the gap and teach themselves to make punk music. Since DIY duo Gaëlle & Léonie’s move to Berlin in 2019 the band formed a new configuration that has made a quick yet lasting impression in the Berlin and wider European punk scene. Renowned for their raw and cathartic live shows and heavy but playful songwriting. Their influences range from the Stooges to the Clean, detouring at Devo’s weirdo-pop hooks and resurfacing on a familiar Bikini Kill-esque territory.

Berlin-based punk band Lemongrab released their new album ‘I spy with my little eye’ on February 29th. Recorded in Berlin, in June 2023, Lemongrab’s new album serves punk and post-punk with a sympathy for pop. The songs demonstrate an urge for untamed self-expression with singer, Gaëlle Cordeau’s, intense and powerful yet vulnerable vocals performed in three languages (English, French, and German).

The band’s instrumental runs heavy, with punk melodies, screechy tones and chaotic notes on many songs, but also offers sentimental moments as demonstrated in the naïve song ‘Midnight Cowboy.’ Produced by Leo (Parking Lot, Snitsh Pitsh) and record engineer Paul Abbrecht (Sloe Paul) who they connected through playing shows in Europe’s DIY touring scene, the album inherited both the essences of Leo’s playful approach to punk music and production, as well Paul’s precise knowledge of sound recording technique.