Leatherette (IT) + Guests: The Somnambulist | 29.03.23 | Marie-Antoinette

Mittwoch 29.03.2023
+ Special Guests:

Einlass: 19.00 Uhr
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
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(12€ zzgl. Gebühr)
Abendkasse: 15 Euro

(Holzmarktstraße 15-18, S-Bahnbogen 47, Ecke Holzmarktstraße / Michaelkirchbrücke – hinter dem BVG-Gebäude, S/U-Bhf. Jannowitzbrücke)

LEATHERETTE is Andrea, Francesco, Jacopo, Marco and Michele. They were born in Bologna, Italy, in 2018. Their name comes from the iconic single „Warm Leatherette“ by The Normal. Leatherette almost sounds as a mockery of rock music and its aesthetics, simultaneously embraced and refused, ragged.

Their music is a potpourri of punk outbursts, jazzy atmospheres and hints of no wave, generating a rich and composite sound, sometimes warm and cozy, sometimes harsh, scratchy and unpredictable. In 2021 they published Mixed Waste (WWNBB), a self-produced homemade EP, followed by an intense live activity all around Italy, Europe and UK. In 2022 they became part of Bronson Recordings, with whom they released.

The debut album „Fiesta“ incl. first single „So Long“ was released on October 14th via Bronson Recordings.

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THE SOMNAMBULIST is a Berlin based music project with an ongoing history of more than ten years, which combines the input of an international musicians’ collective with unique, ever changing interpretations in an interdisciplinary approach to view music as a transient infinite medium. Their intent to both respectfully acknowledge and surpass definitions and boundaries of genres are a key element as to why it seems difficult, even nonsensical to attach a singular style to their work. If pinned down, they have been known to combine characteristics from Psychedelic and Alternative Rock to elements of Jazz, Experimental and Classical Music.

They have been deemed by critics as following in the tradition of Berlin inspired musical innovation as done by David Bowie, Brian Eno and Iggy Pop in the late 70’s and subsequently developed by The Bad Seeds and Einstürzende Neubauten. Marco Bianciardi, Leon Griese and Nicolas Haumann are the current members of The Somnambulist which, after four albums, continues to be characterized by meticulous, determined and febrile explorations, proving itself against all odds with success in staying true to its artistic nature.

„Some More Songs Lost in Themselves“ is out on December 2 and it’s the first of two upcoming EPs featuring the first new studio material since the release of „Hypermnesiac“ in 2020: six impressionistically brief songs that develop and refine the band’s path undertaken in the preceding album of simplification, synthesis and innovation of their language; featuring more accessible, direct and effective musical solutions, while retaining the courage, tension and sense of fracture typical of their previous works.

„The Berlin-based trio defies musical classification, and it’s all by design. They are some of the most authentic musicians you’ll ever find, always reaching for new heights of originality and creativity every time they set out to record new music.“ V13.net

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