LOSERS – And So We Shall Never Part (16.05.14)

Track-By-Track zum neuen Album der drei erfolgversprechenden Londoner…

Dieser Tage erscheint das neue, fan-finanzierte Album von LOSERS, der Band um den ehemaligen COOPER TEMPLE CLAUSE-Gitarristen TOM BELLAMY. Hier sind exklusive Kommentare von Radio-DJ und Bassist EDWARD TEMPLE-MORRIS (EDDY TM) zu den Songs von And So We Shall Never Part – im Original und komplett ungebügelt…


This was originally a track on our first album, inspired by Massive Attack, and uses a real Muezzin’s call to prayer from a mosque in Istanbul. We gave it a new lease of life with an incredible vocal by Paul and a new miX by Jem Godfrey, our Co-Producer/Mixer, after the track was used in so many different ways: By TV, in several shows including Michael Bay’s ‘Black Sails’, by the computer game ‘Far Cry 3’ and even by the London Olympics. It was the official tune for the BMX championships. This is a live favourite for us and our fans.


Acrobatica was the first venture back into the world of rock after years of writing dance music. It was also the song that gave Tom tinnitus! Tom had just moved into a new house with nothing in it and what do you do with your partner in a house with nothing in it? Well apart from the obvious? Acrobatics! It seemed like a nice metaphor for the push and pull you constantly have with your partner and how trust is so important in a relationship. When you have a bond that close you don’t need anything else. It’s us vs the world baby. It was our live set starter for much of the Gary Numan tour last year.


This is the song that Gary Lightbody, from Snow Patrol, said he wished he’d written. A beautiful song about the most beautiful festival in the UK, called Secret Garden Party. It’s the only song on the album that’s in a 3:4 time signature, like a modern waltz. Tom and Paul nailed the writing of this together.


A lot of this album is about hurting those closest to you, and DNA is a partial excuse. It’s a song Tom and I wrote about knowing your faults. It’s about waking up in the morning full of regret knowing that you’ve fucked up again and having no one to blame other than yourself. It’s about coming to terms with your weaknesses. It’s the rope that won’t cut loose.


I think this was the first collaboration between the original Losers, Tom and I, and potential Loser, Paul. It certainly set the tone for the rest of the album and for the whole of the next record. DJ Fresh liked this tune so much that he felt the need to contact DJ Shadow about it, because it reminded him of one of Josh Shadow’s tunes. Shadow then heard the album and contacted us to say he thought we are ‘a great band’ and asked if he could remix one of our songs.


I think this is my favourite song to play live, Dean’s drumming is superb, and Paul’s voice soars majestically. Paul and Tom wrote this one together and the normal process would be for me to help tweak or change it, but this was so perfect I left it exactly as it was.


Tom gave birth to this in soundcheck when he was bored, fiddling around with shapes on the guitar. He didn’t think the guitar was working so when he got home he played it on the piano and suddenly it came to life. This is another song about regret. Questioning yourself about why you thought your life was that bad that you decide to leave it all behind and run away to try and find perfection. It was all there on a plate, an easy simple life ahead but you decide to smash the plate and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces. When we started working on it together I remember saying I wanted to hear the sound of the world ending, about two thirds of the way through. Nobody ever sees that coming. This was the song DJ Shadow asked us for the parts to do a remix. We’re still waiting for it!


This song started as a remix of a song called „Always and Echoes“ that Tom had co-written with another band he was in called White Belt Yellow Tag. Craig from WBYT sang a phrase which had these words, but not in that exact order. I spotted the two phrases and we pulled them out and re-edited them to say “Be you and you will be all, don’t waste your life away”, which is an ethos that means a lot to me. It sounds a little out of kilter with the rest of the record but I love it all the same. It reminds me of The Chemical Brothers at their most euphoric.


Every album has a song that turns out to be difficult. Or starts as one thing and ends up as a completely different idea. Often the effort and energy that artists put into a track like this, over a long period of time, can lead to something very rewarding. Nero experienced this with ‘Guilt’ and this was ours. It bounced around between myself, Tom and Paul for ages, and ended up as something special. This song really grew on me, and interestingly the two best musicians I’ve ever met (Rocky & Rufio from the band, I See Monstas, say this is their favourite Losers song)


This was an unusual song for us, in that it was the only one I wrote entirely, then gave to Tom to sing, and he brought it to life in a really beautiful and moving way. ‘The Chain’ refers to, the all-but unbreakable chain of abuse. People who abuse are almost always abused themselves, by someone who was abused before them, each a link in an awful chain of history repeating. I wanted to call it ‘As Above so Below’ but some other band beat us to that.


This was Tom’s Magnum Opus. Perhaps the most epic song on the album. Raw, emotional, honest, moving, it’s a perfect last song, and a reminder of what this record is about. It’s musical and lyrical focal point, no wonder why Tom chose this as the name of the album. It ties everything together, in the most poetic way. This remains the only song on the album we’ve never played live. I’d love to play this, it’s a real musicians song, and I hope we do put it in the live set one day. As an encore maybe…we’ve never done one of thos…

And So We Shall Never Part
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