Molly (AT) + Guests: Marx | 10.02.20 | Loophole

Montag 10.02.2020
– Dreampop/Shoegaze/Post-Rock –
+ Guests:

Einlass: 20.00 Uhr
Abendkasse: 8 Euro

(Berlin-Neukölln, Boddinstraße 60, U-Bhf. Rathaus Neukölln)

„Skeletal, celestial shoegaze [that] reflects the cold beauty of the Austrian Alps” – Stereogum

Austrian duo MOLLY release their long-awaited debut album ‘All That Ever Could Have Been’ via Sonic Cathedral and Dalliance Recordings on June 28.

Innsbruck-based Lars Andersson and Phillip Dornauer’s shoegaze-inspired beginnings coalesced on their acclaimed 2017 EP, ‘Glimpse’, which did just as it said, offering a tantalising peek into their world; the full, glorious vista is now revealed on their accomplished debut album.

And „All That Ever Could Have Been“ really is breathtaking.
It begins with an almost 15-minute post-rock epic and takes in nods to ambient, dreampop and prog, with echoes of Galaxie 500, Low, Beachwood Sparks, Dungen, The Besnard Lakes, Sigur Rós and M83. Its eight tracks belie both the band’s youth and their small number, forming a mountain of sound that suggests they are more of a geological outfit than a musical one.
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Dynamics to its extremes.

Escaping from Instagram, WhatsApp and busy streets the quartet is searching for a better and calmer place. Their music is somewhere between Low and Beach House and reduced to the essence. MARX’s sounds are built out of samples, recorded all over the world. Tweaked recordings from a playground in Berlin to those inhaled on the subway in Tokyo.

Johannes Marx and Marco Brosolo develop their own instruments to melt electronic and ‘acoustic’ music in a new way and change the way electronic music is performed. All the DIY & open source spirit is living in this band. It’s a lot of work, many fails, it takes ages but it opens up new doors for the music of MARX which is an essential thing.
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