MORNING PARADE – Pure Adulterated Joy

Track-By-Track zum zweiten Album der britischen Indie-Rock-Band…

Anfang September erschein das neue Album von MORNING PARADE. Hier sind exklusive Kommentare der Band zu den Songs von Pure Adulterated Joy – im Original und komplett ungebügelt…


The instant gratification generation, my one supposedly. The lazy one. The Mickey Mouse degree generation. We want to live a life less ordinary now, we want to take a bite and taste the cherry now. It’s all in the lyrics there. Why bother when you can be rich and/or famous for being famous, and rich and/or famous for being a mindless narcissistic immoral dickhead? Is anything genuine coming across? Hello? I felt like we might have become part of it, a PR visionary’s dream of what might be… a team of other people’s visions of what we should be. We had to spontaneously combust. “Shake The Cage” I suppose, it’s a tantrum, burning it all, a colonic irrigation of the heart … it gave us a place to start again.


It’s like tinnitus, this constant itch, and buzzing, vibrating, notifications, information sensory overload. It’s always in the peripheral, pouring out from everything, everyone all of the time – it just overwhelms me sometimes that I feel so separate from the rest of the world, isolated, confused – drunk on information, you can’t really escape it anymore can you? It seems like it’s easier to get free Wi-Fi than it is to get free drinking water or food. More connected than ever, less connected than ever. I just scribbled out words and phrases and Alienation is the result – The lights are on but no one is home.


I was messing around on a guitar playing some Bon Iver-type acoustic finger-picking thing, well, at least that’s what I thought it was. I wanted to write something simple and direct, some of my ideas were getting a bit chordy and perhaps a bit too smart/complicated/sophisticated (depends on who you’re asking), we were just trying to push ourselves so I wanted to do the opposite and write something straight forward, simple. I wrote it in two separate 15 minute sessions and it’s the song that sounds most like the original demo we sent to Ben Allen. For some strange reason, I had allowed a poison into my life for too long; I had just cut myself loose and had been writing a list of all these changes I wanted to make to my life. The lyrics came from the list and the title came from how I came to think of the people who inspired it.


It always reminds me of some sort of Gregory Crewdson ‘Beneath the Roses’ vibe, like a weird suburban nightmare or something. It’s based around an idea I wrote when I was about 18 years old. We’ve always toyed with it and we felt this time like it had a place. The lyrics are pretty much unchanged from when I first wrote it back nearly 10 years ago.


Just before we left for Atlanta to make the record I started writing a piano thing with no real intention of it getting anywhere near the album. It’s about the parasitic nature of love, the nasty, desperate side of love, love that controls and manipulates, it’s not really love at all really, it’s pure evil. The guys were into it so we built it from scratch in the studio, it includes studio manipulated spoken word from a random lady we plucked from the street on the day we started working on it.


“One hit to get me started, I throw it up onto the carpet… Instant gratification: YouPorn/Asphyxiation/A threesome/Adulteration/Oh God look at the state of things to come”.

It was one of the first songs we wrote for the new record. It was the week before Christmas when we returned from a year of solid touring to celebrities on TV dancing around in lycra onesies and more television shows where more ex-famous/kinda famous/wish they were famous/used to be famous people were doing other whimsical activities in order to enhance their media careers, everyone was talking about it all the time everywhere, in pubs, restaurants, on the internet, everywhere. I had nothing to bring to conversation so I got on with writing songs for this album.


At its heart it’s a song about emotional debt but it came from an observation, I saw couples sharing cigarettes out in the pissing rain and thought it was just a strange gesture that you share something so harmful with the one you love most. It gave me the idea for the double entendre ‘You took my breath away’.


I borrowed a line from John Donne’s famous ‘No man is an island’. I hope he wouldn’t mind if he were still around to hear it. Seasick has been with us for a long time but we never felt it was finished, I re-wrote the lyrics over and over and they finally came together when we were touring America in 2012. The giant GMC building in its glowing neon overlooking the ghost town of Detroit is one of the images that sticks out to me when I think of the song.


The title existed before the song; I can’t really remember exactly how it came together. We have our own studio back in Essex and we would sometimes go there at 3 or 4 in the morning to continue whatever party we were having. One night there were just 3 of us, Chad, Phil and me making noise – completely out of our minds and it was brilliant, fun, exciting, PURE, it was real. I had my Dictaphone around so I pressed record – the recordings sounded like shit but the sketch was there and the spirit was awesome, as was the drunken chatter between jams. I picked it apart and found whatever melody I was singing, took some words from a notebook I had been scribbling in and pieced it together with everyone present the next day. We tried to keep it short intentionally, the world doesn’t have an attention span anymore and that’s kinda what it’s all about. It became the album title because it felt right – they way it happened, the energy of the song and the subject matter of the lyrics – Those elements encapsulate not only what inspired us to make another record, but also the ideas behind the songs on this album.


“I’m waiting for the man”… The Velvet Underground. I always thought it was cool how that song felt like you were waiting along with Lou Reed. When I wrote the lyrics for Culture Vulture I had got to that point of one of our many 12 hour drives where I had hit the wall and I was just staring out of the window or scrolling up and down through the newsfeed on my phone, it was billboard ads or day to day drivel or the white lines on the road. Life can be beautiful but life can also be fucking dull at times you know, it can be a slog and then it can just end in a heartbeat. I wanted to take all of the boring stuff and make something interesting with it. I wanted it to feel like all of that stuff at once. It was one of the first songs that came together; it was certainly the first song I demo’d although in a very different format. It started as a spoken word thing, then acoustic, then piano and full band finally arriving at the version that Ben Allen, and eventually we too felt best suited the attitude of the song.

Pure Adulterated Joy
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VÖ: 09.09.2014

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