NINE BLACK ALPS – Candy For The Clowns (25.04.14)

Track-By-Track zum neuen Album der Alternative-Rockband aus Manchester…

Erst kürzlich erschien das fünfte Album von NINE BLACK ALPS. Hier sind exklusive Kommentare von Sänger und Gitarrist SAM FORREST zu den Songs von Candy For The Clowns – im Original und komplett ungebügelt…


I wrote this at about 2am in the morning on acoustic guitar whilst watching television last summer. It was just a Queens Of The Stone Age style dirge about losing yourself to a bigger power. We needed a song for a new single so I brought it to practice and shouted the chorus and somehow it worked. It’s a nightmare to try and sing live but good to play.


One song on every Nine Black Alps is an attempted Sonic Youth rip-off, ‚Blackout‘ is this album’s attempt. I rewrote the lyrics a thousand times and was trying to conjure up some kind of night-time sleaze, and it’s probably my favourite song in terms of the direction where we’d like to go next.


This was me sat playing electric guitar on a sofa whilst there was a clothes catalogue on the table in front of me that was advertising their new ’slacker pop‘ fashion range which told you all the ways that you could be the ‚indie queen‘. So I tried to write a song about that while trying to rip off ‚Freak Scene‘ by Dinosaur Jr.


This was the only time I’ve ever managed to glue two different pre-existing songs of mine together successfully. It used to be two different songs called ‚God Save Me‘ and ‚Hanging Up‘ but I watched the Patty Schemel documentary called ‚Hit So Hard‘ and tried to steal one of her drum beats but got it wrong and somehow ended up with this dirty little song.


Last year me and our other guitar player David spent a day in his basement coming up with different ideas, just jamming on ideas and we ended up with hours of riffs which I went through a month or two later and found this riff which I converted into a song that was called ‚Shine A Light‘ until I realised that Beady Eye, McFly and the Rolling Stones all have songs called ‚Shine A Light‘, so I named it after a Kinks album instead.


One of our most complicated songs to play but I wrote it hyper-fast, almost in the time it takes to listen to. I rewrote the lyrics to be more stream-of-consciousness, kind of about American motels.


I hated this song when I wrote it, I thought it just sounded like Nickelback. But David and James (our drummer) both convinced me that it was immediate and had a big chorus so we went with it. I pretty much made up the lyrics as I was singing it.


This is probably the oldest song on the album, I’ve had the riff kicking around for a couple of years. Again, I have no idea what the lyrics are about. They just sound nasty and it’s fun to sing.


Another riff taken from mine and David’s basement sessions that used to be much quieter and slower, but I was listening to lots of Hole and wanted some shouty, sleazy lyrics about getting wasted to sing over the top.


Again, another one of our more complicated songs. It originally used to sound like ‚About A Girl‘ by Nirvana but we reworked it to be more trippy and psychedelic. Definitely one of the softer songs on the album, and kind of about being a stranger in your own town.


One of my favourite songs from the album, this used to be an acoustic song in a weird tuning but we powered it up and added a guitar part that sounds like the band Yuck. I sing the wrong words on the album version but can’t remember the right ones now!

Candy For The Clowns
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