NOTHING BUT THIEVES – Graveyard Whistling

Track-By-Track zur neuen EP der britischen Indie-Pop-Newcomer…

Dieser Tage erscheint die neue EP von NOTHING BUT THIEVES. Hier sind exklusive Kommentare der Band zu den Songs von Graveyard Whistling – im Original und komplett ungebügelt…


It was in writing Graveyard Whistling that we realised that we actually had something to release. We’d previously spent 3 years crafting our sound and honing our song writing skills whilst keeping everything under wraps which was both frustrating and beneficial in equal measure. It was this song that made us feel ready and like we had something to offer so it made sense that it would open the EP and also give its name to it. The song was a process of having restraint until it felt right to burst into a chorus. It’s always given us an odd feeling of tension that seems to fit the lyrics.


This song was funny in that it was never meant to be on the EP. One week before going into the studio, Emergency was written and demoed in a single afternoon. It felt so fresh to us that we just had to put it on. I remember that we were really playing around with Conor’s vocals st the time and seeing how we could manipulate them. You can hear it in the shouty verse, the quiet pre chorus and falsetto/loud chorus. I think that really dictated the nature of the song.


Part of our sound is very atmospheric and ethereal, Conor’s voice lends itself to it. However, sometimes all we want to do it crank it. Itch is definitely that moment on the EP. Half of the lyrics were written about youthful restlessness and the other half about a friend of ours who (through no fault of his won) got in a fight one night in Cambridge of all places. We regularly end our live sets with this song too.


Last Orders was purely an experiment really. Creating a song that was atmospheric and soft in nature but about a pub brawl was something we’d never heard before so the actual process of trying to make it work was fun. It gave us some problems and definitely took the longest to get to a point where we were happy with it. Closing the EP with a song called ‚Last Orders‘ seemed fitting and a nice way to round it off.

Graveyard Whistling
(RCA Records Label)
VÖ: 18.07.2014

Autor: [ von der Website]Friedrich Reip[/EMAIL]