Stumbleine – Deleted Scene

Heute erscheint Deleted Scenes, das jüngste Album von PETER COOPER alias STUMBLEINE – mit einem Artwork, das den traumhaften Charakter der Musik kongenial verstärkt. Die Künstlerin KNYSH KSENYA gibt exklusiv für Popmonitor Einblicke in Idee und Prozess hinter ihrer Arbeit an dem Cover:

There is a special place for music not only in my everyday life, but in my creative life as well. There is this thing when a song / lyrics / melody sets the mood for the whole day. Sometimes the image itself emerges in your head as soon as you hear a melody. All you have to do is find paper and pen and start creating. So when Peter contacted me, I knew I wanted to work with him. To say that I was pleasantly surprised, given that I was already familiar with his music, is an understatement. I am glad he trusted me to convey his ideas and feelings through my watercolor illustration. And I hope, I managed it. In this artwork there is no one vision. Because people who looked at it had such a different feelings. And as for me, like an artist this is the biggest love to know, what is it. You can feel melancholy or calm, or is it like coming home … We can feel all this spectrum of feelings about music, or artwork. And as you can see, the result is here for you and I hope you enjoy it!

COOPER sagt zum Artwork:

I fell in love with this artwork immediately, her style is so unique and organic. The silhouette of the lonely girl mixed with the desolate scenery has a melancholic quality much like the music on this album. The foggy nature of the artists style mirrors the album title perfectly. „Deleted scene“ refers to the memories that play over and over inside your own head, replaying hazy copies of hazy copies that evolve into a bittersweet fever dream. Everybody has their own unique collection of deleted scenes slowly distorting and fading away. For me, this artwork captures a feeling of nostalgia, a still shot from a goodbye etched into sun bleached memories.

Deleted Scene
(Monotreme Records / Cargo)
VÖ: 14.06.2024

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