The Somnambulist – Videopremiere: Doubleflower

Am 15.11.2019 erscheint mit „Doubleflower“ der erste Vorbote aus dem im Februar erscheinenden neuen Album Hypermnesiac (Slowing Records) von THE SOMNAMBULIST – der in Berlin ansässigen Indie-Band um den italienischen Musiker und Songwriter Marco Bianciardi. Wir präsentieren das Video zur Single am 15.11. exklusiv auf

Live in Berlin:
16.11.2019 | Madame Claude
05.02.2020 | Schokoladen (Release Party)

The Somnambulist über Song und Video:

We’ve probably chosen „Doubleflower“ as first single because it reflects one of the main characteristics of the entire record, which sounds to us like being simultaneously more simple and more complex than our previous works. It’s a song we’ve tried to develop by contracting and dilating the ideas, instead of opposing them within clear and definite changes. We needed something fluid and vulnerable, with indistinct outlines. It’s difficult to say what the lyrics are about: difficult because by offering clear interpretations we always risk to limit the listener’s freedom of imagination. And beyond weird dreams put in front of a mirror, flowers of evil, hormonal chemistry and people beautiful like shotguns, in this song, like in any other, it’s always freedom of imagination what we’re singing about.

Trying to kill two birds with one stone, we shot two videos during the same weekend with the help of our photographer Arne Fleischmann and his assistant Falko Schmidt. We shot in Berlin at BIT, the recording studio established in the early 90’s by the jazz musician Knut Jens and currently managed by Leon, the same where we did record the album. In a few words, the set of the video for „Doubleflower“ is the same for the song „Film“, which will be released in February together with the whole record. We’ve tried to better characterize these twin videos shot on the same location by choosing opposite techniques for the camera: constant movements for the former, static shots for the latter.
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