Videopremiere: 3 South & Banana – The Fool The World

Mit „The Fool The World“ erscheint die erste neue Veröffentlichung seit dem im April 2020 erschienenen selbstbetitelten Debütalbum des in Berlin ansässigen französischen Singer/Songwriters und Multiinstrumentalisten Aurélien Bernard alias 3 South & Banana – und wir präsentieren das dazugehörige Video am 29.04.21 exklusiv.

Der schillernde Indie-Elektopop-Song featuret die britische Sängerin Rose Keeler-Schaffeler alias Keel Her und Keyboarder Danalogue (von The Comet Is Coming) und wird am 30.04.2021 via Some Other Planet Records auf allen digitalen Plattformen veröffentlicht.

Der Künstler über den Song:

„This song is about the discovery of my feminine side through the Tarot. The “She” in the song is the Anima, the unconscious feminine. I started learning and reading tarot for myself about 3 years ago. It’s Jodorowsky that inspired me to do so and later Jung’s work on Archetypes. This process with the cards is ultimately a way to connect with my intuition, my higher self. I spent most of my life repressing my feminine side. I understand now that I was conditioned this way by school, my family, my environment. It brought a lot of confusion and fear in me because there were a lot of things that I couldn’t understand with my rational mind. Fear to be vulnerable, fear of the unknown even fear of giving affection and love. This discovery was tremendous to me and also changed the relationship I have with women.“
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