Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard (UK) mit neuer Single „National Rust“

Die Band BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARD aus Cardiff hat mit „National Rust“ eine neue Single aus ihrem kommenden Album „Skinwalker“ veröffentlicht, das am 12. April 2024 via Communion Records erscheinen wird (Album vorbestellen).

Auch dieser Track besticht durch die rasante Energie und subtile 70er-Jahre-Referenzen ihrer früheren Veröffentlichungen, die hier von tanzbarem Indie-Funk ummantelt werden.

Frontmann Tom Rees über die Single:

„‚National Rust‘ was my attempt at consolidating my 2020 obsession with Sly and the Family Stone with my 2021 obsession with David Bowie’s album ‘Low’. It was the first song that really paved the way for the new album, it broke a lot of the sonic boundaries that I was writing within when starting the second album, “I AM NOT AFRAID OF PLAYING FUNKY GUITAR!”, I exclaimed, mu-tron in hand.

Lyrically, it made a statement that informed my songwriting moving forward as well, being a flagrant rejection of my previous political song writing, and an admission of alienation amongst a plethora of information. ‚National Rust‘ acts as a bridge between my younger, more political perspective, and my more recent, more apathetic one.“