D I I V – Deceiver

Heute erscheint das großartige neue Album der Brookylner Indierock-Band D I I V. Noch vor dem ersten Ton vermittelt es sich mit einem mysteriösen Gemälde, das Frontmann ZACHARY COLE SMITH für Popmonitor wie folgt kommentiert:

The cover was painted by an Australian painter named Rhys Lee. I had been wanting to work with him for many years, and he was nice enough to let us look through all his past work to find something that fit. We talked about the themes of the album and a recurring one was that of the deceiver. The painting is titled “Collodi’s Puppet” and is a kind of grotesque Pinocchio mask. We also talked a lot about the color palette being a reference to the black metal color scheme of black, purple, red, and grey.

Der Maler, RHYS LEE, ergänzt:

Collodi’s Puppet No.1 is part of an ongoing series of paintings & drawing from my recent studio work, that reference ‚The Adventures of Pinocchio‘ (1883) by Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio was a wooden puppet so the title of the painting is simple & self explanatory. I often reference vintage comics, cartoons & fictional characters in my work. I like to abstract them & take them out of their original context.

(Captured Tracks / Cargo)
VÖ: 04.10.2019

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