Dallas Acid – The Spiral Arm

Anfang November ist das neue Album der Experimental-Synthie-Formation DALLAS ACID aus Austin (stimmt, auch in Texas) erschienen. Interessanterweise stammt auch das geheimnisvolle Cover-Artwork von der Band. Exklusiv für Popmonitor kommentieren CHRISTIAN HAVINS und LINDA BEECROFT das Kunstwerk. Havins geht voran:

The front cover artwork of The Spiral Arm is taken from a painting I did a few years ago. As the lyrics and melodies came together for the album, the spiral structure of the painting seemed to link thematically with the music more and more: the force of gravity, loops of planetary orbits, the geometric progressive growth patterns in plant and insect life, or even hovering on the cusp of a spatial vortex.

Beecroft fügt hinzu:

I shot the gatefold photograph early one morning looking out over the field where we live in Texas. When I was working on the layout for the album, I accidentally added a vague layer of the Spiral Arm painting and instantly loved the feel and the magnetic draw it added to the photograph. The idea of spiraling from anywhere seemed to fit the dreamlike, imaginary vision of the music.

The Spiral Arm
(All Saints / Rough Trade)
VÖ: 01.11.2019