Ghost World – Spin

Nach ihrem fantastischen Debüt melden sich GHOST WORLD anderthalb Jahre später mit dem Nachfolger zurück. Spin ist dabei genau das, ein Dreh, eine Neukalibrierung der Stärken der finnischen Band: Statt rauer, punkiger Tunes setzt die Band um Sängerin LIISA TANI nun auf warme, um nichts weniger herzenswunden Indiepop. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat Tani die neuen Songs kommentiert…


Me and my friend from school stood before my apartment and there were these beautiful, really tall, yellow flowers. The flowers were leaning in our direction. I said that it’s funny how they are so bent. She said that they just simply bending towards the sun and then the chorus came to me. It’s really about how everyone is the same. We all hunt those rays of light and try to be happy in our lives. It’s also about that state of mind when you’re almost getting there but somethings a bit off.


Nice Sunglasses is a direct transition from the opening track. Sometimes when one achieves a comfortable place in the sun he or she can get fixated about something or someone that could possibly flip the coin big time. Self-sabotage is a big thing.


Green Sixteen is about being a ambitious woman. It’s about being fed up being sorry all the time and being stepped on. Knowing what you want doesn’t make you a self-absorbed person.


Pale and blue reflects that sweet secret between lovers. When those loving feelings are intense it can get kind of scary. When lovers are together things are running smoothly. When they step away from that bubble they can get lost. They start to doubt everything and don’t know how to carry on with their everyday lives.


It’s not about vegetables. Next album should contain a cheerful song about vegetables because they are good for you! Vegetable state is about that mental vegetative state when you get paralysed by too many thoughts and ideas. One of the remedies for that is to write a song.


I was coming back from a grocery store. I was cycling and totally zen’d out. I was really deep in my thoughts and I was drinking some juice. For a brief moment I forgot how to swallow and I had to stop to cough the juice out of my lungs. The verse started to ring in my head almost instantly.


They say you should always find a purpose in yourself but sometimes you find purpose in other people. It’s a great feeling going out when you know there is someone giving you a purpose. One of those things that makes you wanna live.


Nightgown is about mood swings, mania and depression. It’s about hanging out in pyjamas all day. It’s starts out with a merely good feeling with some undertones of sadness and ends up with moody waltz. What happens in the middle is just craziness. We recorded really weird stuff for the middle part but all of them didn’t end up in the record.


Lyrics to this song are written by our friend Pyry Ojala from bands Chestburster and Caskets Open. “Leave No Trace” is a set of outdoor ethics. It consists of several principles. Long story short: it basically means respecting wildlife when outdoors. In this song it symbolises a relationship. It’s about making a promise not to hurt each other emotionally.

VÖ: 31.08.2018

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