Hayden Calnin – A Life You Would Choose

Am 13.09.19 erscheint die mit wunderschönen Folktronic-Songs bestückte neue EP des australischen Songwriters Hayden Calnin, die er exklusiv für Popmonitor kommentiert hat.

Fuck Collingwood

I’d been living in Collingwood, an inner city suburb of Melbourne and it’s surrounding areas for the last ten years and this song is about some memories of mine that helped lead me to my decision to get out of the city and move away to the coast.

Warm With You

Warm With You is about going in circles with someone, and clinging to the idea that maybe running away to the middle of nowhere together might be the thing that saves the relationship.

On Our Last Day

This song was written about that feeling when you know a relationship is coming to a close, and with that, all the memories and blame that brought you there. It was written together with close friend and fellow musician, Dustin Tebbutt.

Made of Everything & Late

Both of these tracks were recorded with the intention of laying down some vocals later, however, as I let them sit for a while and listened back I realised that the music itself summed up the emotion perfectly and didn’t really touch on them from that point on.

A Life You Would Choose (EP)
VÖ: 13.09.2019

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