Jack River – Stranger Heart

Heute erscheint die neue EP von HOLLY RANKIN alias JACK RIVER. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat die australische Popmusikerin die sieben Tracks von Stranger Heart kommentiert …


This piece of sound opens „Stranger Heart“ to bring the listener to the scene. Inspired by one of my favourite chapters in „Women Who Run With The Wolves“, „The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter“, I wanted to give a clue to the avid listener as to where this EP has come from and the kind of head and heartspace that sparked it.


This is a song about the feeling of falling in forever love, and the production was born to match it. I wanted to illustrate the strength and movement of that feeling, but also the trippy magical haze it puts your brain in. When you are experiencing that, all you want to ask is „Do you feel it too“? I wanted to put that intensity into a song and a lyric. The in-jokes, the late night haze, the anthemic feeling that takes over your heart, these are the things that inspired this song.


This one is an ode to the vulnerable feeling of not knowing where you stand, the twirling around moments of closeness, the infinite wonder in tiny moments when you first get close to somebody.


„Dark Star“ is about getting stuck in a metaphorical dark star orbit. I began writing the bridge lyrics ‘When I drive past your house…’ about 8 years ago. It took me so long to piece this song together cause I had to completely let go of that first heartbreak and look back with a smile.


Again, the heart. „Closer“ was written across two years, I wanted to describe the feeling of falling, tripping, raw honesty, vivid beautiful fragmented memories as they played out in my brain. I can’t really describe this song as its all in the music.


Xavier Dunn and I wrote „Infinity Roses“ when a dear friend’s Mother passed away. She taught me how to prune roses, and always gave so much love to her garden. She was soft and wonderful and so sweet. She fought a battle with cancer, but she (as so many women and men do) always fought with such grace and strength. This song is for anyone fighting something, leaving someone, losing someone and needing to know that your connection will be forever and infinite no matter what.


I needed to make sure „Stranger Heart“ had a dose of another side of my heart that has been playing a huge role in my life these past few years. „80sHD“ is about the enraging, empowering and confusing chapter of our history that is #metoo. Confusing in that, sometimes when bad men or women have done so much, it can momentarily warp your relationships with that sex. Personally, on a work level or on a societal level, this song is about that confusion, and also just the time we went through as a species. We have begun to balance the books, but its not over. 

Stranger Heart
VÖ: 14.02.2020