Kefaya + Elaha Soroor – Songs Of Our Mothers

Das Musikerkollektiv Kefaya hat sich für Songs Of Our Mothers mit der afghanischen Sängerin Elaha Soroor zusammengetan, die durch die Reality-TV-Show Afghan Star (American Idol, DSDS) berühmt geworden ist. Ihre wachsende Popularität in einer Gesellschaft, die für die Verfolgung meinungsstarker Frauen bekannt ist, führte zu ernsthafter Gefahr, sodass Elaha schließlich aus Afghanistan fliehen musste. Das auf dem Album interpretierte Folk-Songbook reicht stilistisch von spirituellem Jazz über indische Musik bis hin zu modernen Electronica. Exklusiv für Popmonitor haben die Musiker und die Grafikerin Sophie Bass die Bedeutung hinter dem farbenprächtigen Albumcover erläutert. Die Band sagt:

We felt drawn to Sophie’s style, with her striking combination of symbolic depth and almost child-like simplicity. We felt that her warm, fluid, colourful aesthetic worked perfectly with representations of femininity and sensuality that are explored in the album and were inspired by her previous works that had also dealt with similar themes of feminism and female empowerment.

Sophie Bass ergänzt:

The whole concept of this album resonated with me so deeply, it was one of those special commissions where I felt the artwork blossoming out of me. The music is based on traditional Afghan folk songs sung by women, I read through the lyrics and felt the history, fierceness and femininity. For the front cover I wanted to portray an image of the Universal Mother, a powerful Goddess of fertility and nature.. the pomegranates releasing their juicy red seeds, the flowers bursting open, the lunar phases symbolising Womens‘ cycles. Her features and jewellery based on Hazara women. For the back cover I wanted an image of complete celebration, of liberated women from across the Globe. Revelling in nature and each other’s glory. The women are completely natural in their nakedness, and non conforming to Society’s Patriarchal expectations of ‚beauty.‘ The power of music to convey a Political message is something I strive for with my artwork, and the message of this music is in perfect harmony with my work so the job felt very exciting! This is music that sings of liberation, love, resilience and strength in the face of the Patriarchy, and I was honoured to create the cover for it.

Songs Of Our Mothers
(Bella Union/PIAS)
VÖ: 27.09.2019 – digital only

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