Penny Police – Train Talk

Heute erscheint die neue EP von MARIE FJELDSTED alias PENNY POLICE. Exklusiv für Popmonitor hat die dänische Musikerin die sechs Songs von Train Talk kommentiert…


I overheard a phone conversation on a train in Copenhagen. A man talks about how hard he thinks love is and the first verse is a direct reproduction of his words. To me, it is also a symbolic song, wishing that we were all better at listening to each other, and at understanding people’s stories and backgrounds so that we could be better at living together.


It’s a love song about giving in to love and not being afraid to become ‘addicted’ to the other. Often, we have a lot of reservations, but we must also try to give in and trust that there are others who want the best for us.


“My darling, my life. We have arrived!” says a father, with tears of joy in his eyes, to his two children in a news video about refugees fleeing by boat. This went right to my heart. When you think of their long and dangerous journey over the sea and then knowing that their struggle is just beginning: the fight to be allowed to stay in Europe and to find a new place to begin life after such an ordeal. It feels so wrong.


It’s about turning down the unnecessary noise and instead listening to yourself. To turn down the pace of the city, get out of the hamster wheel and think for yourself. There is too much politics, stress and career that whips up a static into the symphony of our lives, and for what reason?


This is about becoming a mother, and an adult. As a child, we always hear, “It’ll be alright”, but then you find out that it won’t always be alright. That can make me feel quite melancholic.


It’s a song to myself to stand up for myself; about my strengths and deficiencies. To feel no better or worse than others. To give and take in the right dose. Then I can better forgive, feel, let go and keep up with life.

Train Talk (Don’t Ask About Love)
VÖ: 09.02.2018