Track-By-Track zum neuen Album der britischen Electro-Pop-Sängerin und Komponistin…

Dieser Tage erscheint das neue Album von POLLY SCATTERGOOD. Hier sind exklusive Kommentare der Sängerin zu den Songs von Arrows – im Original und gänzlich ungebügelt…


I wrote this song on a night bus on my way back from the sea. I saw a shop window with these manikins wrapped up inside a cocoon, they looked so safe and warm, and suddenly the song just came to me. I had no pen so I had to phone myself and leave a message on my answer machine with the lyrics so I didn’t forget them!


This track almost didn’t make the album, it was such a hard one to get down. It has such big highs and lows, I had a real vision for it. We recorded loads of it in this funny little hotel bedroom that I was staying in when recording the album. We had gone round in circles with it in the studio, and one day it just all came together. It’s now one of my favourite tracks on the album.


This track was inspired by Berlin in winter. I wrote some of the album whilst staying in the Michelberger hotel, they had a piano in the foyer, and people staying there brought us coffee with whisky in it in return for music. It was a happy trade, and Machines was one of the results of my time spent there.


This was written in a cottage in Norfolk, which is maybe a strange location for this particular song to be born,but thats what happened. We wrote it in about half a hour and then went to the pub. It’s really about just enjoying every second of life, its about that moment you become aware that you are free falling and just going with it.


I was quite into hypnotherapy when I started writing this album, for me I found it was a really great way to explore parts of my mind that I didn’t go to very often. The instrumental just runs off into a sort of musical kaleidoscope whirlwind that was basically my head! It was also the first song I wrote with my co-writer and collaborator Glenn Kerrigan.


This song is about loosing someone you love. The Saw at the end played is by the wonderful David Coulter.


I have always enjoyed the irony of dark lyrics over up beat disco tracks, and with this song I wanted to do just that. It was great fun to record and always makes me happy even though the lyrics are quite sad in places.


I recorded this in January last year and I remember that vocal the most. It was quite late at night, and I really threw myself into the darkness of it all, the soundscape at the end was really fun to make, it’s a mixture of distorted synthesisers, piano, and me rambling / whispering. I enjoy sculpting layers and textures, and building soundscapes, and I think you can hear that most at the end of this track.


This album is a very transient album, its all about a journey, and Wanderlust was basically a documentation of that journey. It makes me smile every time I sing it. I wrote it when I was feeling very light and carefree. It’s all about just moving forwards and having no regrets.


I decided to end the album with the song that was the start of this journey for me. I wrote „I’ve Got A Heart“ in the little attic flat in North London where I wrote most of my first album. I think you can hear the influences, as it’s one of the closest in style to my debut record. This was the last song I ever wrote in that attic flat. It’s made up of lots of different cut up samples and textures. We really built the production around the track as when I first wrote it, it was all in different time signatures.

(Mute / Goodtogo)
VÖ: 18.10.2013


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