Sasami – Sasami

Vergangene Woche erschien das schlicht Sasami betitelte Debütalbum der Songwriterin und Multi-Instrumentalistin SASAMI ASHWORTH. Für unsere Cover-Art-Reihe hat die Kalifornierin das Cover-Artwork kommentiert …

The cover photo for „Sasami“ is at the same time a depiction of me on my own at my freest, leaping in the clear, open, limitless wild, and also an intimate capturing by a close companion. Much of the year that I spent making the record was filled with quite mercurial shifts in feeling alone and free and being engrossed in intimacy and tethered to the turmoil that usually accompanies such fleeting affections. The front and back photos were not taken as intentional album art, but candid photos taken on a dreamy vacation to Alaska. In the summertime, you can visit and walk upon the glaciers with a t-shirt on and be totally comfortable.. until a gust of glacial wind tears past when you least expect it… much like my relationship with love! They were shot at the end of the summer season in Anchorage Alaska on a 35mm Canon with Kodak portra 800 film stock, which gives it the extra noise and texture.

Die Aufnahme stammt übrigens von RILEY BLAKEWAY, einem Freund von Ashworth, der auch beim Video zu „Free“ (mit DEVENDRA BANHART) Regie führte.

(Domino / Goodtogo)
VÖ: 08.03.2019