The Rotosonixxx

Mr.Wail (voc, git)
MG Tolksdorf (git)
Doc Krimskrams (back voc, perc)
Ina Wiedenhaupt (back voc, viola)
Till (organ)
Ricky King (bass)
Henning Fahss (drums)

The Rotosonixxx
In the year 2004 The Rotosonixxx was founded.
Seven musicians already knowing each other from different bands decided to dedicate a new project to their passion for 60’s Rock, Surf & Beat music: The Rotosonixxx were born!
Since then, the band continuously perfected their performance by playing gigs in Berlin clubs (including e.g. Zosch, Linse, Hot Star, Bassy, Jammin.Charlot, Bang Bang Club).
In their song writing and arrangements The Rotosonixxx heavily draw upon the well known Rock n Roll band The Sonics. Surf and Beat elements are added to make their sound unique.
See you at the next show!