The Slow Show – Lust And Learn

Ende August ist mit Lust And Learn das jüngste Album der stillen Indiepop-Band THE SLOW SHOW erschienen, eingepackt in ein wunderbar geheimnisvolles Artwork. Für unsere Cover-Art-Reihe hat Sänger ROB GOODWIN die Arbeit von ALIZA RAZELL kommentiert:

When I first saw Aliza’s initial image I was hooked. I was overwhelmed by the landscape, its depth and the sense of isolation it evoked. How it shifted perspective and how the subjects evoked a sense of time – past and present. Aliza’s cover evokes feeling, memory it provokes emotion, but above all it moves me. These are things we aim to achieve with our music … In this way it’s the perfect cover.

Razell fügt hinzu:

The folks at The Slow Show reached out to me about a photo I had taken several years ago, and asked if I could use it as a foundation from which to create album artwork for them. The months that followed were a feat of long-distance collaboration. I took the background photo in Alaska in 2014. The photograph of Rob was taken in his kitchen in Germany (with a smartphone camera I believe!) and sent to me. The white illustrated character (whom we came to call Awol) went through several wardrobes, poses, and genders before we settled on the sketch you see on the final Lust And Learn artwork.

Lust And Learn
(PIAS / Rough Trade)
VÖ: 30.08.2019


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