Songpremiere: Indridi – Tinder

Die Veröffentlichungen der Demo-, Studio- und Liveversionen des dem im Mai 2018 erschienenen Album Ding Ding entstammenden Songs „Tinder“ vom in Berlin ansässigen isländischen Singer-Songwriter INDRIDI zeichnet die spannende Entwicklung eines Songs nach – von der fragil-introspektiven 4-Spur-Aufnahme bis zur überbordenden, mit Band performten Folktronica-Liveversion:




Indridi über „Tinder“:

This is the demo recorded for the song Tinder, 7th song of my album Ding ding. It’s recorded by myself with only my self in my room. I’ve been a bit anxious about the approach of putting out a demo like this. It feels a little bit weird after going in the studio and doing a proper recording. But i think it can be interesting to approach it in the way as for people to get an inside idea about the big picture and the process of writing and recording.

The live video of the song is, I feel, like an even one more step ahead as all three versions are all very diverse.

August 31 | Dresden – DE | Sound of Bronkow Festival
September 2 | Berlin – DE | Shokoladen
December 13 | Berlin – DE Kantine am Berghain