Videopremiere: Modern Stars – Artificial Wombs

Nach dem 2020er-Debütalbum Silver Needles des aus Andrea Merolle, Barbara Margani und Andrea Sperduti bestehenden italienischen Indie/Avant-Trios MODERN STARS erscheint der Nachfolger mit dem treffenden Titel Psychindustrial am 26.11.21 erneut via Miacameretta Records.

Die vorab veröffentlichte Single – das wunderbar hypnotisch anmutende „Artificial Wombs“ – vereint vortrefflich die für die Band typischen, von Elementen aus Indie-Rock, Psychedelia, Noise und Experimental durchzogenen stilistischen Ingredienzen – und wir präsentieren das dazugehörige Video am 24.09.21 exklusiv.

Foto: Andrea Sperduti

Die Band über Song und Video:

It is estimated that 71% of the victims of modern slavery, nearly 30 million, are women and girls. The common tendency is to think that this is a problem that affects only those that we Westerners consider developing countries. We think it is a distant theme from us and we keep telling ourselves that “here it is different”. In many European countries, however, women victims of slavery pregnant or with children are systematically ignored by the authorities. Abused girls are often blamed rather than believed and women victims of human trafficking have often to wait decades to see erased the crimes of prostitution for which they are systematically and unfairly accused. These last two years of COVID-19 have done nothing but worsen an already severely compromised situation. „Artificial Wombs“ video is a tribute to the efforts these women make to free themselves from the condition of slavery. Theater, or more generally culture, means emancipation, freedom of expression; concepts denied to a huge number of women and taken for granted by everyone else. (Modern Stars)
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